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alpha.tribe 2018

This time around I wanted to build a sim that did not have any gold whatsoever - at least on the ground level; since the golden Blueprint City is still around on one of the sky levels. While the previous rezz was called "fool's gold" this one now is called "The Straits" because of the strait that runs through it.


I am not sure that it has a theme, as did "fool's gold" but I know that you folks will be spinning your own tales as you wander around.

the ground level

The old aqua gym which dates all the way back to Syncretia is now inside a floating geodesic dome.

Midnight Wastes

The second sky level is called "Midnight Wastes" and takes its name from a sky setting preset. This level is the most ambitious part of the current rez, so I hope it meets with your approval. Please keep the sky setting of the sim at this level since all of the building there has been made specifically for that light and will not work as well with others.

The Bridge

"The Bridge" also stayed around for this version of the sim with a special environmental setting that made everything except the construct pitch black.

As is the case with all Second Life places, "the Straits" no longer exist. I deleted everything in Spring 2020 and started over, this time putting together an allegory of the horrifying year 2020 and all that it portends. It is called "Tomorrow", and the web page for it can be seen here:

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