alpha.tribe 2018

This time around I wanted to build a sim that did not have any gold whatsoever - at least on the ground level; since the golden Blueprint City is still around on one of the sky levels. While the previous rezz was called "fool's gold" this one now is called "The Straits" because of the strait that runs through it. I am not sure that it has a theme, as did "fool's gold" but I know that you folks

will be spinning your own tales as you wander around.

the ground level

The old aqua gym that dates all the way back to Syncretia is now inside a floating geodesic dome.

Ground level shenanigans: The Nurse is coming! And boy - does she have plans for you!

Midnight Wastes

The second sky level is called "Midnight Wastes" and takes its name from a sky setting preset. This level is the most ambitious part of the current rez, so I hope it meets with your approval. Please keep the sky setting of the sim at this level since all of the building there has been made specifically for that light and will not work as well with others.

The Bridge

On the third sky level I have placed "the Bridge" which was something that I built some years ago for the UWA contest, where it did in fact receive first prize. Outside of that exhibition this has never been around in SL, so here it is. There is a special sky preset (Breakwave Building Light by Phototools) on this level. I encourage you to stick to it since it gives this wonderful sense of downward depth as well as creating the needed darkness for the Bridge to become fully visible.