alpha.tribe is a fashion store operated jointly by 5 alt avatars in Second Life; making eccentric attire for creative virtual world residents.

I have talked about the avatars of alpha.tribe quite a bit on a page that is on another site. So, I am not going to repeat any of that here. Here there will only be a selection from the over 100+ full avatars (outfits with skins) that the tribe members have made to date out of which I made pictures, combining them with backgrounds from my island.

The full collection, however, can be viewed here:


This is the very first full avatar ensemble that alpha.tribe ever made: OrKa, which was made by Alpho Fullstop, is a hybrid between the orka whale, a generic furry animal represented through the paws, a rabbit represented through the ears, and a humanoid being. OrKa is one of the best selling avatars 'we' have ever made; and even nowadays, in these times of sophisticated mesh apparel in SL, people still buy this. And OrKa also keeps its place as my personal favorite after all these years, and after so many outfits.

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