PLAYERS ______      

BNP is a blog/website about my play activities in Second Life. I played in SL for many years and lots of hilarious stuff happened during some crazy (and seemingly never-ending) play sessions. On this site I tried to recall as much of it as I could, also with the help of some blog journals that I had kept during those times.


Most of the stories told on this site date back to before 2011, and involve three other avatars - Hardwarehacker Hoch, MosMax Hax, and wolfgeng Hienrichs; as well as my own alt avatars. A few are more recent and the hero of those is the avatar Naxos Loon. Click on the image above to access the site.

ISLAND __________      

Dragon Island is inhabited by a rather secretive tribe of avatars. They all dress alike, and they only play with each other. I do not know much more than this since they are not sharing with me what their tale is...

MIRRORED __________      

Symmetry, takes me back to a mythic time, an unreal space that seems to come about through the absolute perfection which a digital mirror provides. And this perfect mirror also adds to the eeriness, the sense of the unreal; that the inhabitants of these pictures belong to a place that stands outside of time. “Fearful Symmetry,” in other words.

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AVATAR DANCERS __________      
BLUE __________      
DANCE _________      
DANCE THE GAVOTTE _________      
PENGUINETTE x 3 + 1 ;-) _________      
THE FOREST __________      

I came up with the tale of the lobster who finds her way into a forest - where she encounters a red-eyed monster and ends up saving a wolf from a horrifying fate - while I was working on Heidi Dahlsveen's metaverse project, "LRRH: The other side of the story." 

My story is incomplete and is likely to remain that way since I would need to take many more photographs that depict how it unfolds. This I can no longer do since the enchanted forest that I set the tale in no longer exists in-world in SL. Who knows, I may one day rezz the stuff and do it, but for now, probably not.


Read more and see the flipbook here >>>

AVATAR SITES __________      

When clicked on, the images in the gallery above will take you to a series of websites (mostly made during the early days of tumblr) in which I brought together poetry, prose and avatar images, creating small, usually non-sensical, tales. Well, not really tales, just notes on certain topics, I guess...

5555555 55555 
555 __________      

The tale is very simple: A lonesome avatar appropriates a strange world where one can only talk in 5s. But then she gets company - which, at first, she rejects since she does not want to share what she holds to be solely her own. But then she is talked into playing with the incomers. Has a good time. However, just at the height of the fun and games "they" turn around and go. Leaving her bereft. Click on the image above to find out more...

CHIEN __________      

This is a series of images in which I combined avatar photographs with Real Life architecture and landscapes. Some of these evoked tales, so I added captions to the ones that I felt needed them. And, the snail people seemed to keep wanting to come back...

Note: I know the phrase is actually "entre chien et loup" and not like I have it in the title. However, this was how my much beloved uncle used to say it, so this is how I kept it.

Here we are... Between two lives... Winter Bridge

This is obviously not a friendly meeting. At least not as far as the one coming from the left side is concerned. The one facing her seems to be far more conciliatory. However, here is the thing: The one on the left, who is taking the aggressive stance, is actually the one who is quite weak. Her entourage is bent and tired. Whereas the one on the right, who seems to be far more open to negotiation has good strong backing.

In a quiet, dark park Xiamara encounters herself, encounters herself, encounters herself, encounters herself…

And suddenly they are back again - the snail people...

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