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alpha.tribe 2018: "The Straits"

This time around I wanted to build a sim that did not have any gold whatsoever - at least not on the ground level. While the previous build was called "fool's gold", this one was called "The Straits" because of the waterway that ran through it.
I am not sure that it had a theme, as did "fool's gold", but then people spin their own tales anyway.

The biggest attraction was an amusement park

and the biggest attraction inside that amusement park was the grab-a-duck gallery.

At the entrance there was a lovely old fashioned clock under ancient

The old aqua gym made a comeback all the way from the old Syncretia days.

The Alchemist's Lab was filled with all sorts of relics from the
Arcadia Asylum library.

People could get boats to travel up and down the straits and around the island.

One of the best hangouts on the island was the "Weary Chemist's Bed", guarded by stone angels.

The Crazy Cat Lady Parlor is a gift from a good friend, Eupalinos Ugajin.

It has held pride of place on all of my islands.

Oriental pavilions for yoga practice and tribal huts to hide in - the island had all sorts of dwellings.

There was even a magic lantern theater. Up on a floating island, amid some gnarly old trees, with two of
Cica Ghost's cats standing guard
at the entrance.

And then, when you came to the very end there was a funny old tower with a winter garden inside.

Oh and also -
a chicken on top.
Very important, that!

As is the case with all Second Life places, "the Straits" no longer exist. I deleted everything in Spring 2020 and started over, this time putting together an allegory of the horrifying year 2020 and all that it portended.

This is called "Tomorrow", and the web page for it can be seen here:

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