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The past two years have been transformative for the world. They have however also been transformative for me on a personal level. My sister (who is first in only a handful of people around me that I am completely on the same page with in this vast global upheaval) and I agree that everything we have believed in has been turned upside down. Turns out that what we thought was black was white all along and vice versa - except that it took for this turmoil to happen, for us to see it. 

Things have also been turned upside down for me professionally and in terms of creative activity. This website is representative of a lot of what today I am looking at under a new light. This much technologically driven content? I question this all the time. It makes me uneasy. But can I give up on it? No. I love doing it, you see. And I am good at it. And the technology can be used to make really great stuff. But while I do it, do I now look at the technology driven nature of what I make more critically? Yes.

Thus, have I already changed priorities? Yes, I think that I did. Whether I will be able to translate this change into a new way of doing things, however, remains to be seen.

Something I have done since Spring 2020 is make pages that document today, and also try to show how today connects to the past decades, maybe even centuries. I would like these pages to become the first things that visitors to this site look at. 

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