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Dear Herr Schwab: If you are so inclined, by all means - munch away. Although I seriously doubt that this is what you have in mind for yourself and your cronies. As for me - catch me if you can! I will stick to the recipes that I am collecting here - and with good solid graphic design, I might add.


My modest response to that nest of arch villains, The World Economic Forum's, plan that we should be eating insects for protein intake.



A collector for all the things that I have done pretty much since I first got involved with computers as a creative environment, which are not part of any bigger project. Just stuff that I made purely for my own amusement whenever the fancy took me. Not that everything else I have done hasn't been for my enjoyment as well, but I guess these are even more trivial - hence the title of the collector. Some are ongoing, others have been sitting around for decades and others are somewhere in-between.



This project started out as part of a tutorial to show my graphic design students how to apply a visual identity to a wide range of products. From where it took on a life of its own... The inspiration comes from Donna Haraway's concept of "companion species" in which she discusses a very special relationship between household animals, cyborgs and humans. So, in this design system 3 imaginary entities who represent these 3 companion species come together to develop 3 separate visual identities all based on the same logotype.

ScreenHunter 461.png

Flipbooks: Many of my designer colleagues do not hold with them, but I love them. So, here they are, on the page that you can reach by clicking the image above.

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