This project started out as part of a tutorial to show my graphic design students how to apply a visual identity to a wide range of products. From where it took on a life of its own... The inspiration comes from Donna Haraway's concept of "companion species" in which she discusses a very special relationship between household animals, cyborgs and humans. So, in this design system 3 imaginary entities who represent these 3 companion species come together to develop 3 separate visual identities all based on the same logotype.


This is a stage. Or you could say it is a room. Part of a home. Or a garden. A place. Or maybe even a non-place. Whatever it is, sometimes it is white, sometimes it is dark. It is always very small. No bigger than my desktop screen. It is a meeting place for things found online that I bring together inside photoshop. Or a meeting place for things that I make myself and bring together in Second Life.


Script fonts, handwritten fonts, flourishes, scrolls, asiatic things, middle eastern things, ornaments, patterns, vintage paraphernalia...

I have always wanted to play with all this stuff, but especially lately with all these really gorgeous handwritten and script based fonts that have been coming out. It has gone way beyond ugly old brush script, hasn't it? So, here I am indulging myself. But, I need accomplices in all this extravagance, so my cats - past and present - are now either themselves the designers or they are my clients insisting upon all this fanciness.

When I built the big metaverse museum for Rosanna Galvani at CraftWorld on the OpenSim in 2015, I also made a logotype with some alternative usages. I always wanted to build a full visual identity around this logo but of course a virtual project does not have much scope for graphic design products, things are promoted differently in the metaverse. So - I decided that the virtual museum was an extension of a physical, real life museum that would of course need things like brochures, flyers, letterheads, and cafe menus...

Playing around with Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, making my own designer's interpretation of the Sokal Affair. It all looks very serious and scientific but actually what it is, is complete nonsense. ;-)

Flipbooks: Many of my designer colleagues do not hold with them, but I love them. So, here they are, on the page that you can reach by clicking the image above.

And another thing that I like to do is prezzis - again, something that most of my colleagues do not have a lot of patience for. And, finally I try to make an effort with my conference presentations. All of that is on that page as well.