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Don’t blame me… Blame Mark Twain!

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ____ Attributed to Mark Twain.


A picture speaks a thousand words, right? So, look at the chart below. Please note very carefully what country this is. And the years please – 1990 to 2020. You’re seeing the bar all the way on the right, yes? That’s 2020. You saw that, right? What you also need to note very carefully is that these bars only represent the first 4 months of each year on the graph. So, don’t go getting any ideas that the data for 2020 is incomplete. It isn’t. It is exactly the same time span, therefore exactly the same data for each year. What do you see?

Now, after having scrutinised the graph, please re-read the quote above.


So, let us now take a trip down memory lane to recall once more the arch porkies teller of all times who had the gall to evoke this old folk saying some 20 years ago – hmmm… was it WMDs he was talking about? Something else? Anyway, you remember: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” (Applied to our lovely – oh so honest – present times? ?… ???…) Hey hey hey! He said it, not me!…

Got it yet? No? Well, who would’ve known better than Mark Twain that you wouldn’t… (This last here having obviously been addressed at only some of you, and not all of you. Not that you wouldn’t know whether I mean you, or not. But such clarifications for extra touchy folks appear to be called for nowadays. So… 😉


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