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Feeling guilty!

Basically I am having a whale of a time furnishing the shop. I have decided to give my old clothes (I mean the ones that I had designed in my newbie days, of course – not my personal old clothes!!! hhh) an airing too and have been photographing them and rezing them on the small platform across the tracks. Aaaah yes! We have the subway there you see… Anyway, I am going to be selling the “old” clothes at vastly discounted prices. Considered dollarbies for a second but then upped up the price a bit. I mean they are perfectly ok, just not appropriate to what we are working on at the moment. In fact I put some on and they don’t look at all bad with my tail. Why on earth did I not wear them I wonder?

Oh and today I also rezed a piano. It is a clutzy old freebie – only 16 prims – and I had to really re-work it. Changed all the proportions and everything and even added a prim here and there. And then a bit of spit and polish – and off I was. I have to say they have really extended the sheet music collection at Xstreet SL and I found something really wonderful to play… Nope – won’t say what it is!

So that was all of the good news. Here’s the bad news then: I am feeling dreadfully guilty about having such a good time playing doll’s shop! What the hell is wrong with me? I keep getting this nasty feeling that I should be elseways engaged. Doing something “serious”. Now, admittedly, there are a few things that I am procrastinating upon – like the metaverse journal and establishing all of the contacts and bla bla for that. And I want to submit something to the Siggraph art gallery which Grapho is supposed to be working on. I still have almost a month for that one but…

But anyway!!! Where is all this bloody guilt coming from I would really like to know? I am more horrified about my feeling guilty than whatever it is that I am feeling guilty of.

I am playing! And why should I have to justify that to anyone, starting with myself! It was perfectly ok to play before  – so what exactly is it that has changed now? Could it be because I am setting up a shop? Guilty about potential avariciousness or something? Afraid of turning into some kind of a rapacious businesswoman? I have no idea, I really and truly don’t. All I know is that I am feeling bloody guilty about… What? What? :-\


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