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Finally – a smart phone

For years I had a Blackberry. Something like 15 years. And then in the end the battery gave out and because it is such an old model it could no longer be replaced. At least not here in Turkey where HRH has banned Blackberry phones because they refused to hand over the user data to the government. So, I have had no choice but to go out and purchase a new phone. Being a consummate hater of all things Apple, I went for a Samsung A50. Android, a google product – which makes it hardly less criminal (even possibly more), but what is a person to do? Seems nice, lots of toys obviously. But, I intend to use it pretty much the way I used my old phone, mainly as an actual phone, and SMS messages for online banking. I will install whatsapp because if I don’t my sister will kill me. The internet stuff I will probably leave to my desktop computer entirely. Why fidget around on that silly little screen when I have this huge big thing in front of me? And I do not sit glued to FB and twitter (no instagram at all, I should add – loathe that little contraption!) all day long anyway. Hardly sit in front of it at all, to be honest. To the extent where I feel guilty about not showing enough interest in what my friends’ posts.

I do like the camera however. So, I may start to take photos. We’ll see.

They are lethal these things, and not least because of how very badly they can affect creativity by not leaving any room for idleness which is the incubator wherein creativity breeds. Without sitting around and doing nothing, without in fact being bored, creativity simply has no room to grow in. Real creativity killers they are – those nice cameras notwithstanding… Which is actually my real big reason for intending to keep this thing where it belongs – inside my bag. Even gave an opening lecture for the university on this very subject last year – here’s the presentation for it, if you want to take a look.


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