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Full Circle

So here I am, back where I started. When I look at this blog I notice that it has 3 quite distinct phases. In the beginning there seems to be much optimism and good will towards my Second Life. Which, looking back on it now, is so naive that I want to kick myself. The second part is when I start to get sad and maudlin. And then there are the posts from last year where I become insufferably self-important. So, looking at all of it together it is a rather embarrassing process of self-observation  – to say the least.

There are a few posts which are quite funny. Even re-reading them today and even though I am the one who wrote the stuff, I laugh. Like the one where the pig dies or the one where Xia organizes the computer. Reading these today I see that, naive shmaive, those early days did bring out the very best in me, which is of course the silly part of me. At some point I had to forsake the silly stuff since there was no longer a setting for it. The blog reflects the loss: For the last year or so I didn’t really like the stuff that Alpha was writing about. And the way in which she was writing, I liked even less. She was trying to fill a vacuum with a lot of spurious talk. Never worked. Which is why I eventually stopped altogether.

So, the few funny posts are probably the only things that make this blog worthwhile for me. Only reason why I am not deleting the whole thing really.


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