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Going out on the streets

After exhausting home and cat photo topics I have ventured outdoors with the phone and have started taking street photos. I still get nervous when I point the thing at people but I am also realizing that, unlike a real camera, the phone does not seem phase anyone. They probably think I am just texting someone when I hold it up like that. The results aren’t great or anything like that. No Cartier-Bresson in the making. But I do enjoy it. I am also finding (as I also did years ago when I was taking photos for a conference web site) that taking just a single shot doesn’t really capture the spirit of the streets. So, I am stitching together series of photos into panoramas. Seems to work better somehow.

No idea how long I will keep doing this. Not sure if it could be some sort of creative activity for me. There are lots of urban photographers I admire (my darling Murat being not the least among them), but I don’t think I am cut out to be one of them. I will probably grow tired of it at some point. However, for now it is a lot of fun. Gets me out of the house for one thing – which I really need to be doing far more. 


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