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I disapprove of what you say…

… but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Well, disapprove is probably too strong a word. I didn’t exactly disapprove. Not everything he said resonated with me. Some of it did, most of it didn’t. For one thing, I have a hard time accepting his basic premise of the “hunger game society” – that achieving that is the goal. I can’t see that. There may well be some kind of goal, but if so then my gut tells me that it is something different. This here could be it – this I can see. Impoverishing the world population to the point of complete dependency, that I can’t. There is a conflict of interest there. That vast population needs to keep on spending money and keep on paying VAT in order for the system to run. Including, and especially, systems of control. I liked the last hour very much. When it got quite metaphysical. He talked about Love and how when you operated from your heart you did what was intrinsically right without fear of consequences. And how that was what expanded consciousness. And how we are all just points of attention, having a unique experience in an infinite field of consciousness. Things I am already familiar with from my youthful readings of Jung. But the way he expressed them was beautiful. And very sincere, I felt.

An amazing raconteur anyway. Whatever else he may or may not be. He is certainly that.


But all this is beside the point. The fact that everything humanly possible is being done from stopping him saying whatever it is that he has to say – that is what matters.

I had not listened to him before. As far as I knew he was just this eccentric old doomsayer. No one to be taken seriously. But once the blockade was on I did make a point of going and listening to this over 3 hour long live interview tonight. Which was almost impossible to access because all known browsers were blocking the page through a pop up. This even included Opera which is the one that I normally use, the one that is supposed to not track you and all this other wonderful stuff that they lure you with. No different from Chrome or any of the others, as I had to find out. Luckily I also have the Brave Browser installed and that one got me in.

It doesn’t matter what he says. But what is happening not only to him but to many many others matters. It matters a lot. It is the end of something.

Most people may not be aware of this enormous darkness that is settling upon us. Some that are aware may be applauding it because the voices that are being silenced are ones they themselves disapprove of. I have nothing to say to that. Really, nothing.

The fact that I am too scared to write down the name of this old man… Maybe that will give them pause? Who knows anymore…


My father was a big reader of Oswald Spengler. Spengler’s analysis of world history concludes that roughly the year 2000 would be the big turning point after which Western Civilization falls into a massive decay. Having internalized and pondered over these analyses for many years maybe my father wouldn’t have been as devastated as I keep thinking he would’ve been had he lived to see these days. Maybe he would’ve taken it all in his stride. Who knows?

I am thinking about my father a lot these days. And my mother. And others. So many who passed on. Who may be better off to have passed on when they did. At least that is how it looks right now.

But perhaps there will be a different outcome. There may well be yet. Provided there are enough people like Kemal. We shall see. 


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