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Indulging my graphic designer's heart

Sitting at home, not going out much - if at all - I am busy making visual identities. First I did the companion species thing, which is actually 4 identities rolled into one. I had a blast doing that one since the project was so absurd that I could go ballistic.

And then, since New Year, I did a visual identity for a real life version of the metaverse museum that I built 3 years ago for Rosanna Galvani, which is where the post image is from. Pretended that the museum was a physical place where they would be writing letters on letterheads and have a cafe where one would need menus and chalkboards - things not really needed by avatars.

With this one I got more serious and actually tried to follow what might be construed as "a client's brief." So, I became both client and designer and insisted on things like legibility and so forth. Almost finished now. I just want to do a few brochure and flyer dummies and then it will be done.

It may all be in the service of capitalism - but, boy, do I love my profession. The order, the structure, the logic of creating systems.

The very taste of it.


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