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Internet cats

My twitter account is anonymous, I do not post, I only follow news. That is, this is how it was until recently. I have been adding more and more cat accounts to my twitter and am actually far more interested in the cat owners who post than in all the “important people” I used to follow exclusively. I avoid the “cute cat talk” brigade, those are quite obnoxious of course. But people who post in a grown up language (including those who speak on behalf of their cats in a grown up language) I seem to find far more fascinating than all these journalists, commentators, politicos, academics, bla bla bla.

I do not think that I am alone in this. This “cats are the owners of the internet” thing that is being talked about probably has something to do with a general disgust that a lot of people feel for pundits, truthsayers, opinionated pontificators, politicians, experts – and dare I say it – humanity in general.

So, I think we have turned to animals. Animals make us more imaginative, they make us better. They bring forth our innocence. And they give us back our humor.

And since cats are closest to us they get front center of the stage. And also because they are very photogenic, of course. Which is why I think they have such an advantage over dogs – let us face it, they do look better than most dogs.

And also – and this I think is probably the most important reason as to why we are so obsessed with them – they represent an independence of spirit that we may no longer have ourselves. 


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