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Is this a religion now?

This man I know. In general good health as far as I am aware. Very intelligent. Educated. Creative. Sophisticated. And scared to death of getting sick with the virus, as I found out earlier today. Sequestered in his home. Food delivered to a closed door which he only opens once the delivery guy has departed. Everything gets sterilized. Washed down with disinfectants over and over. Anything that comes into the house in the way of edibles gets soaked for hours in vinegar water. And, needless to say, glued to his TV screen. He called me to commiserate, I guess. Realized shortly that I am not at all on the same page as he. “But why aren’t you scared?” “Everyone is scared!” So, I asked him whether he had seen the recent study results? The ones that showed that the fatality rate of this thing is akin to the regular flu? Upon which he had a complete breakdown and started screaming. Flew off the handle in fact. “I don’t believe in those studies!!! They will not make me believe in those lies ever! They are inventing those studies to kill everyone!”

Believe? Is this some kind of new belief system then? A belief system that is powerful enough to make an intelligent, well educated person reject scientific studies among which is one conducted by an institution that is number 4 on the World Universities ranking list?

Or, is it just “more congruent to my being”? Amazing thing this comedy sketch below. The portrayal of a mind set that for me was quite disturbing to behold. But displayed in such a light hearted manner that it almost eludes us. And yes, it almost is like a new religion, isn’t it?


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