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My many designer person(a)s

Once the alts start interacting within a parameter, such as a joint design venture, it really all starts to happen. No longer are they lost and disjointed entities wandering the grid but suddenly they are, in fact, the diverse parts of me. They now have to learn to live with one another, they have to make up some kind of a psychic Gestalt, whilst still retaining their identities. And what better opportunity than whilst they are engaged in design work, given that they are all parts of a designer to begin with? One good example would be the actual shop itself: I initially designed it very much along my usual lines – dark shiny surfaces, sort of Syncretia stuff really… It is what comes naturally to me – or should I say the Alpha part of me? Who is, of course, the predominant partner here, the one very much in control. Stuck in her ways with all of that. Tenacious and obstinate!

So along comes Xia, and after hanging out there for a day or so, she starts putting down huge red flowers all over the place. Now, I, Alpha, have yet to put down a huge red flower anywhere – Real or Second Life! And yet… What are all those bright colored Asian shawls that I tirelessly buy and never ever wear, all in aid of then?

Only Xia and I have been designing so far and we are in fact wearing our own outfits in the photo above. Furry and Grapho are still waiting for their turn. Furry’s output I am really looking forward to. I was intending to design full Furry avatars but I am now beginning to wonder about that. Working with sculpties, which full Furry avatars really do need, is unbelievably difficult and I have a horrible feeling that my building skills are nowhere near being up to that level. So, what I think Furry will do is design garments and attachments around other designer’s Furry avatars, such as the wolves of Leben Schnabel, and then put landmarks of the stores into the purchase box. At least initially, this is how I think it will have to go. And later we will see.

And Grapho? He is wearing more or less normal garb here but actually he has some strange ideas also. Such as designing a biological avatar.

And Xia? Well, she is sticking to the floral theme, as you can see here. She has worked for almost a full week on this one and she has called it “Bonsoir Monsieur Labisse” – after a French surrealist painter whom my mother liked a great deal and who painted women not clad in flowers like Xia did with her skin here but the faces are similar somehow. Well my mother liked him – I, Alpha, cannot stand the guy’s paintings. And yet, here is Xia, paying tribute to a painter whom Alpha does not care for at all? How weird is that? But then (thankfully) she has another one in the works and this one she wants to base on Rousseau, who is a favorite of mine as well. So, again, if I am such a dark/shiny surfaces person how come I love Rousseau? Ah… But Rousseau is dark too isn’t he? Don’t let all of that foliage fool you for a nano second… And so, of course, is Labisse.

So, one way or another I can see one undercurrent of me both in her and myself (Alpha) – but two very different ways in which it materializes. One is the one I already know, that I have worked with all of my life – “my style”, if you will. The other one is as yet unfamiliar to me. Highly so, in fact. Yes, this is beginning to become a very bizarre journey indeed. And a good one too, I think.


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