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Small Update

Just thought I would write down what I am doing these days. So, summer is here, which means vacations for people in my line of work. Not so this year for me: They have offered us a week in mid-August at the museum which is affiliated with my university and so we are supposed to be exhibiting our student’s work there. The fact that Istanbul is dead (and I mean dead!) at that time and that a week is a joke to begin with doesn’t seem to faze anyone and so we are all working for that. I have done a lot of this type of stuff in the past and told everyone that I would be keeping clear of the grunt work this time around. But of course, in the event it doesn’t quite work out that way and so I have been trecking out to the uni every then and again. grrr…

It was very hot earlier in July, but right now it is actually OK. We somehow seem to be getting a bit of the northerly summer wind which this place was famous for until about 20 years ago when the greenhouse effect put an end to it. But, in any case, the past 10 days it has been very pleasant.

I have a new sim next door to Syncretia called Syncretia Annex. I got it last month when they had that reduced offer for homesteads going and so this is, in fact, a homestead with only 3750 prims. I have not really done anything substantial there yet. I just dug some underwater canyons (the big idea is that almost the entire sim will be underwater) and piled a few things on this underwater plateau where the canyons meet up. I have a few ideas but I am letting them simmer on the back burner for a while, which as I remember, is what I did with Syncretia also. That place too sat around for a couple of months before I really started the big work there.

On the other hand I have been very busy with alpha.tribe. I really enjoying making the stuff. And although we are not breaking the bank or anything like that, for a new business I guess we are doing OK. Obviously, the stuff is mostly totally bizarre and wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. In fact, I have gotten some hilarious comments, like people telling me that although our things are quite well made they are totally impractical! What exactly are they thinking of doing whilst wearing them, I wonder? Wash the windows? Do their ironing? Run up some Excel charts? Well, at least they tell me that the clothes are well crafted. Something too I suppose.

Other than that? No, I am not doing the cruise! What was I thinking even? Me and a ship-full of fat-cat types? Thank you, but no thank you! So, I am not really sure what I should be doing in the way of a vacation – if anything… I will be going to a conference to present a paper in England in September. Cyberworlds. Good conference, tough to get in, so I am pleased about that.

Oh and I am getting the house painted. Work is to commence next week. And then I am still dieting my hiny off. Almost all of it is gone at this point but I am not giving up until my favorite jeans are a perfect fit – again! And that is probably another couple of pounds away…


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