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So, as predicted…

I have had a whale of a time making things for the imaginary alpha.tribe RL store. No idea what this store is supposed to be all about at this at point – they seem to be selling everything.

It is a bit like making things for a doll’s house, playing around with these mockups inside photoshop. And I am not even done yet – more stuff out there that I can slap my “identity” on to. Pathetic for a 65 year old woman, you would say? You may not be too far off, I am saying it quietly to myself as I sit here glued to what, at the end of the day, is nothing but a totally useless exercise.

And no, it is not like making stuff in SL. There, there is a purpose. People come visit, play, buy things sometimes. There is a “life” there. This?


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