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So, we won the election

By a landslide, no less. HRH has been defeated, and defeated very badly indeed. At least here in Istanbul, at least for now. Last night the city turned into one big party, and my ‘hood was once again one of the center stages of the celebrations. I was out for a bit too, but it was so crowded and so hectic that I didn’t last long. Dancing everywhere. Belly dancers, halay dancers, disco dancers. Dancers and dancers. Young and old. Rakı glasses raised all over the place with the famous chant “to your health Tayyip.” Dogs dressed in victory t-shirts being paraded around. Our beloved Çarşı soccer fan group out in full force in their black clad magnificence. Of course I am very pleased. Am I hopeful however? Of the politicians who won this round? Nope. Not with this lily livered opposition. The fact that they got their acts together for once doesn’t tell me much. They will be back to their usual cowardly ways in no time at all. It will not take “him” a long time to figure out new ways to divide them, to manipulate them. And unless they stand united, they fall. And they will not stand united.

This is as far as the politicians goes. No hope whatsoever. Am I hopeful about this society itself however? Oh yes. Way way way ahead of the politicians. So, in the long term I am very hopeful indeed for this country. But then again – am I hopeful for the world? Nope.



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