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Taking out yesterday’s trash

I saw this a little while ago: I wasn’t going to post anything for a while. I was all written out, after the last one. But now I think I will anyway. Because I asked this question too, and pretty much at the start of all this. And then very shortly after I asked it (gave them the benefit of the doubt for a week or so) I got rid of the lot of them: One fine morning, before I even finished my coffee I went on youtube and unsubscribed from something like 35 channels. Mixed bag of Turkish alt media and international. Gone. I then went into my bookmarks and deleted – I have no idea how many, that many – bookmarks. Not that it makes any difference, of course. Just didn’t want them soiling the place. Detox.

I closed my existent twitter. Couldn’t stand the blather (overwhelmingly Turkish alt media/intelligentsia over there) any more. But I did have some twitter cats and Esther the pig (who has made a vegetarian out of me). Didn’t want to lose those. Couldn’t delete the 1000+ “alt types” that I seem to have accumulated. That really would’ve been more work than they deserved. So, I started a new twitter account. Kevin and Scampi, Esther, The Life of Feral Cats, Kedilikler, Kedi Babası, a few more – that’s it.

I had 5 patreon subscriptions to these “alt” types, got rid of all of them. Only patreon I have left now is an animal charity.

I was done in one hour. Detox.

And now I will name names – name shame a bit: Chris Hedges, Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone, Aaron Mate, Caitlin Johnstone, Gordon Dimmack, even those poor Free Assange folks. Gone. They all proclaimed how they were scared and self-isolating from “the virus”. That was the starting point of all their conversations. They only went on to talk about whatever else after that initial statement.

And why did they do this? Who knows? Who cares? They did it. Without even stopping to think of the real consequences of what it was that they were contributing to. Could be for all the reasons that the article that I linked to above lists. Or there could be one more reason that I can think of: Making hay while the sun is out. Being deluded enough to think that this is a wonderful opportunity to push some of their own agendas – green new deal, etc etc. Which, if that is the case, then how about coining a new medical definition: “Sociopathic Stupidity Syndrome”.

Whether just plain old stupid, or sociopathic + stupid. Bye.

And then there are all the Turkish “alt” media types. Oh, what I have to say about them! We had something quite precious here which I think has been lost in Western countries for quite a while now. But here we still had it. We had humor. Collective humor. Made us overcome a lot of traumas. As a people we managed to laugh our way out of disasters. Really serious disasters too. Until 4 weeks ago we were actually a very funny society. Not any more. We are now like everyone else on the globe. Sheeple. Thanks to a massive onslaught by the “alt” journalists and the “alt intelligentsia” this society has now been turned into a mass of driveling idiots. I will never ever forgive you, you Turkish “fancy types”. Each and everyone of you. You jerks! You total total jerks!

Forget youtube, that’s over and done with as far as the sort of material that I am looking for is concerned. So, I have gone to Bitchute where I am now following exactly 5 accounts. Nope, won’t give out their names. Do your own homework. Find your own resources. I listen to a number of podcasts. And I follow a lot of websites, news sites. From which I get check-able, validated, correct stuff which I first look up myself by going to the official documents that they report on and then put on this page here: So, there is plenty of stuff to keep me busy. In a dearth of investigative journalists I seem to have become my own investigative journalist. At this ripe old age, no less.

Again, no names. Find your own stuff whoever you are that is reading this. And no, it won’t be easy. In fact it will be really really hard. Very little left out there. Go find it. Or not. Up to you.


April 29: I came across a clip from the Jimmy Dore show featured in one of the videos of one of the people that I am following on bitchute. An interview with Whitney Webb, where she is telling him about something really amazing. So, I went over to see all of it. First time I have been there in weeks and weeks. As I was leaving in disgust back then, he and his gang were busily discussing how the outbreak could provide an opportunity to facilitate the ushering in of UBI. Or was it the green new deal? One forgets.

Oh boy! How utterly tragic this was to watch. To see this man twist himself into a complete pretzel. Not being able to ask questions. Because there were questions to be asked! Boy – where there ever! Really big fat questions! Which he just couldn’t ask! Couldn’t couldn’t couldn’t. To the point where had to pretend to not to understand. Because, of course, every question would inevitably have led to places that would go 180 degrees against all that he was spewing out when I left weeks ago, and nothing seems to have changed between then and now. The utter loss of integrity… Go watch it. If you are someone who loves Jimmy Dore as much as I used to it will break your heart. Unless you too have joined the tribe of hay makers, of course.


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