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Teeeee heeeee…

And oh boy, do I have good reason to be in such a gleeful mood:

It is official people, I am now in the Hall of Fame of Data Visualization! Visual Complexity is the one place of all places where a data vis designer dreams of having his/her output posted. And they went and posted mine! And without me even having applied for it! Now is this cool or what? I made the Bridge Project a few years ago, as part of my PhD work and rising to yet another dare of Roy’s. Just before then I had presented this somewhat ill fated paper called entré loup et chien at a conference and Roy told me summarily to stop it with all of the bla bla bla on Freud and all of the other nonsensical theorizing on associative thinking processes and instead to go and put my money where my mouth was by showing him what I meant. And I went “oh sure, that’s an easy one Roy…” and found out, much to my horror, that what I thought would be a piece of cake for a kick-ass designer like myself turned out to be a colossal task, the process of which I describe in the dedicated website of the piece.

I then presented the Bridge Project at a number of international conferences, and most notably at Siggraph in 2005, as part of the sketches program. But this add-on at Visual Complexity is truly way more than what I would have expected, more than what it deserves, given that it isn’t even a true blue blooded data vis project. Only a hundred or so nodes to the whole construct, whereas any data set has to consist of at least 10 times that before it can even be considered as sufficiently complex material appropriate for righteous data visualization research.

But what the heck! They chose it anyway! And so, again, teeeee heeeee… I am tickled pink!


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