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The Hong Kong Booty

I must say that I seem to have been remarkably reasonable in what I ended up accumulating on this trip: One reason for that is, of course, the fact that fitting into Chinese clothes would entail a lifetime of starvation and even then would probably not really work – the women here are absolutely tiny! Well yes, of course there are plenty of things for western monsters such as myself as well, but who needs those klutzy things? The outfits that I did like were diminutive…

Two bags: One a silver and black panda with extra long straps so that it can be slung over the shoulder and this utterly amazing grey porcupine thing on the upper right, where I think even the whackiest of neko designers would be hard pushed to come up with something crazier. This one is actually a backpack, which is just as good since I hardly ever use any other kind of bag anyway. 3 t-shirts: 2 Disney t-shirts (and yes, before anyone asks, of course I will be wearing them! What do you think?!?) and one Bruce Lee t-shirt! Love this one! It is huge, so one could even almost wear it as a dress. A belt, which to be honest is nothing too special, I could probably have gotten it back home as well, however it does have a very nice frayed texture – so? Why not? Two “bendy/twisty” segmented metal (sort of reptily) necklaces, which are great! A “white sheep” (as opposed to a “black sheep” (hhh) tie, which I originally bought for my brother in law, but I think I am going to hold onto it in the end since it really is very funny and I might wear it somehow. And then finally 2 pairs of chinese slippers/shoes and one pair of knit boots.

And that is really and truly it!

So yes, I have indeed been a statue of self restraint and am actually returning with a more or less half empty suitcase! Totally remarkable!


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