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The old "scientific" stuff

I had to create a new tumblr site. Yes, had to, not wanted to. And floundering around in my hard drives for what to put in the damn thing I came across all these old charts and diagrams and powerpoint presentation slides that I had made, especially during the PhD years. And some of it surprised me. It ain't half bad... And then I also seem to have made some stuff along those lines for fun. So, that is what will now go into this new tumblr site that has been forced upon me.

What happened is this: I have had my tumblr sites under 2 different accounts - Alpha had one and Grapho had another. I have no idea why I did it like this back then, but it was hugely confusing. So, I decided to combine all the tumblrs under my own name, with a brand new account. Deleted the old ones - and yes, I lost the two main sites since those cannot be transferred but no big loss. They were pretty decrepit anyway.

The thing however is that when you create a new account you automatically get a new tumblr which is the "main" tumblr, the one that is attached to your account. Everything else you can transfer, appoint admins to (which is how you transfer them actually), delete - whatever. But the main squeeze stays.

Which ended up being OK - made me discover some long forgotten stuff...

Oh and - here is the link:

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