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There is a definite change

I am noticing it from my favorites on Flickr, which are mostly RL things. And what I put on flickr myself, for that matter. I seem to sort of have shifted from one plane of perception to another. From 3D to 2D. Probably won’t be forever, but right now this is how it is. I prefer to hang around in photoshop. Check out 2D creative authoring platforms online, latest obsession being issuu. Do things with my tumblr blogs. Stuff like that.

Also I am writing/reading a lot these days, which is something that I have to do. And I will have to do a whole lot more of it in the coming months since I have (finally!) started writing up my PhD dissertation. So, that is quite different, of course.

Funnily enough, although the shift is from 3D to 2D, I think it is also from VL to RL. Well, in a manner of speaking that is. My VL has been pretty much non-existent anyway. No real pressing social engagements or anything. Hardly anyone that I hang out with, that I talk to even for most of the time. So, the shift may also be an acknowledgement of the fact that the only life that I do have is my Real Life. For the past 2 years I have used online 3D only to make things. Obsessively. And right now, I want to make other things. Or maybe goof off for a while and just fiddle around, uploading my old powerpoints onto issuu as flip books. Or make nonsense sites with wix. Easy peasy… But, as said, it is probably only temporary, and I will probably go back to 3D eventually. Fascinating stuff after all…

And I feel very guilty. Guilty for having let go of alpha.tribe so badly. Every day I get up and try to force myself to make something new for the shop. And I really and truly cannot do it. One reason may of course be that I made too much in a very short time and consequently I am now all dried out. Although I do have ideas. No lack there. But then when I think of those odious avatar templates, and then all the subsequent prim work in-world, I just cannot seem to be able to face it. I made 70 full avatars in something like 16 months. That is more than 4 a month. I have simply over-saturated myself with avatar design, I suppose.

Same thing for the annex. Major guilt there also. Where Frigg came to my rescue in a big way and helped me keep it. Now it needs to get documented and then re-built. And again, every day I get up and say, today I will start. And what is more, sometimes I do start. And then the viewer is open in the back and I am sitting here googling online Flash CMS applications or something. It is where my head is at.




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