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Truthseeker strikes again!

I am really in over my head! Doing too much all at once, for one thing. I am doing Burning Life. I am writing a book chapter for an academic publication which I am supposed to submit for review by the 12th. But, the one that totally terrifies me is this next one coming right up: Solbedoz Janus is a senior designer at Bell Labs as well as being a hardcore SL resident. He contacted me a while ago and asked me to participate in an event, to which back then I merrily said yes!?! !!! Yes??? As in yesss??? I really do need to get my head examined over here, don’t I? So now, as the time approaches I am buried in engineering journals trying to put together a more or less plausible presentation, at least one that will not get me laughed off the lectern halfway through by a room full of telecommunication specialists: I am an invited speaker at Bell Labs in Antwerp on the 20th to give a talk on the impact of virtual worlds on the future of communication strategies… And don’t laugh – please! This is sooo not a joking matter from where I am standing – you have no idea!

I logged into SL for a hot minute just now and ended up having a brief conversation with Truthseeker in which all this somehow came out. And here it is folks: ….

[13:59]  Alpha Auer: and next thing – boing!!! i get this invite [13:59]  Truthseeker Young: wicked! [13:59]  Alpha Auer: if it was a regular thing – then yes [14:00]  Alpha Auer: but apparently they want to discuss methods and strategies to communicate for the future [14:00]  Truthseeker Young: oh cool! [14:00]  Alpha Auer: bell labs = telecommunication [14:00]  Alpha Auer: and they figure that virtual worlds will be a major thing then [14:01]  Alpha Auer: but this is WAYYYY out of my depth [14:01]  Alpha Auer: it is hardcore engineering stuff really [14:01]  Truthseeker Young: yeah but there’s always gonna be a social layer [14:01]  Alpha Auer: *sigh* [14:01]  Alpha Auer: his words exactly [14:01]  Alpha Auer: hhhh [14:01]  Truthseeker Young: hahahaha [14:02]  Truthseeker Young: I just think of spaces like SL as training grounds for all that augmented reality tech that everyone’s promising these days [14:02]  Alpha Auer: again [14:02]  Alpha Auer: his words [14:02]  Alpha Auer: almost verbatim [14:02]  Truthseeker Young: well, see? totally up your alley as well, then [14:03]  Alpha Auer: but those engineers are gonna pelt me with rotten eggs and tomatoes [14:03]  Alpha Auer: if i show up there talking airy fairy stuff [14:03]  Alpha Auer: so i am reading up like a maniac [14:04]  Alpha Auer: in fact i need to log off and read!!! [14:04]  Alpha Auer: like NOW! [14:04]  Truthseeker Young: heh alrighty [14:04]  Alpha Auer: so i will see your house ASAP [14:05]  Alpha Auer: (if i am still alive by then) [14:05]  Alpha Auer: in fact if you pray or something add me in [14:05]  Truthseeker Young: you got it [14:05]  Alpha Auer: i’m an atheist unfortunately [14:05]  Truthseeker Young: lol [14:05]  Alpha Auer: so i need to ask others [14:05]  Truthseeker Young: yeah but all that alchemy stuff actually WORKS [14:05]  Alpha Auer: it does [14:06]  Alpha Auer: hey! maybe i will tell them of my rejuvenation spheres!!! [14:06]  Alpha Auer: now THERES a thought! [14:06]  Truthseeker Young: there you go. they’ll love it [14:06]  Alpha Auer: ok kiddo [14:06]  Alpha Auer: byeeeeee! [14:06]  Alpha Auer: i really gotta scoot [14:06]  Truthseeker Young: even tho they may express that love in silent, unsmiling stares [14:06]  Truthseeker Young: ok go read! [14:06]  Alpha Auer: hhhh [14:07]  Truthseeker Young: :0 [14:07]  Alpha Auer: i am so gonna save this in a notecard! [14:07]  Alpha Auer: !!!! [14:07]  Alpha Auer: bye!!!! [14:07]  Truthseeker Young: see ya [14:07]  Alpha Auer: funniest thing i heard in ages!


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