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Very odd indeed…

Surely I am not the only one who sees something askew with this, am I? This has actually been on my mind for quite a while now but I wanted to wait for the numbers to become more apparent before I visualized them. I think we have enough of an accumulation at this point, so here it is. I am not going to go to any lengths to explain what this is, I think it is pretty self-evident. In short, the critter appears to have biases when it comes to different countries. Some it likes, others it doesn’t. And if you are an English speaking country then the thing seems to really have it in for you. 

Bottomline: 5 countries whose populations are only 7.2% of all humans on this planet account for 67% of deaths attributed to this surge worldwide.

I know that there will be skeptics who will say “well, in a lot of countries they probably didn’t keep accurate death records”. Point taken – sort of. However, even after taking that into consideration, when we just look at the discrepancies in fatality numbers between European countries (who would presumably have done a decent job of documentation, being “developed” countries and all that) I think we have enough material to question this. Why would there be such an enormous inconsistency of outbreak related deaths per capita between Italy and Greece? Similar climates, similar social structures, after all. And the same policies – locked down to the gills, both. Portugal and Spain. Austria and Switzerland. Romania and Bulgaria.

But, whatever may or may not have happened in Europe – no amount of unrecorded deaths in “developing” (what an utterly odious, conceited word btw’) countries can account for the USA and the UK, who between them constitute only 5% of the world population but 39% of all outbreak deaths! When it comes to the US – could it possibly be that… ?…

So… Once again, knowing one’s way around data-vis does have its uses in situations like this. But then it also causes some sleepless nights, let me tell you – wondering and wondering…

And finally – I feel deeply for every death that has happened here, that is related to this, regardless of what caused it, or of how many died. This doesn’t even need to be said. It is a given. From all that I have read and heard, in severely afflicted cases the illness appears to lead to a particularly painful end. These individual sufferings are what makes all that is developing around this tragedy especially abhorrent. The gains that seem to be calculated from it. The agendas. The greed. The barely concealed glee – yes even that, glee. The opportunism. The heartlessness of admissions of cooked numbers that are garnered out of personal misery – admissions made by top officials, no less. It is mostly my anger with these that is making me wonder and wonder even more.


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