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Where the blazes are the percentages? aka. yes, of course it is a new religion…

Because what else would you call something that ignores data and instead goes solely by superstition and dogma? The big superstition around here, preached by the Health Minister who is actually a doctor (i.e., someone who presumably received some sort of scientifically based education, right?) and followed by all the ardent believers is a magic number: 1000! If we can get the daily cases under 1000 we will have won a big victory against the unseen enemy that is lurking everywhere to deprive us of our inherent right to indefinitely prolonged life. 1000! And we reached it today. Whoopie! 43231 test conducted, out of which came 992 cases. Celebrations all around! But nevertheless accompanied by stern admonitions that we should not let this get to our heads and continue with the precautions, adhere to wearing masks, bla bla bla.

So, here is what really happened: The cases actually went up, not down. Yesterday there were 46492 tests, out of which came 1008 cases which resulted in %2.1. And actually on July 10th there were 48787 tests out of which came 1003 cases, which resulted in %2.0. As for today – %2.3. Up! Almost up by half a percent in 4 days actually. A percentage is data. Which is of course something that a religion would not easily thrive on. Whereas a magic number is exactly the sort of thing that its believers would embrace. 

Above 1000, below 1000 – it all depends on how many tests you conduct. That’s it! Unless you contextualize it, it is nothing but a magic number. And no one, absolutely no one is seeing this. Loud bleats of pleasure all around.

This is insanity. The health minister here – he is some poor bloke who doesn’t believe a word of what he says himself. You can tell by looking at his face while he is speaking that he doesn’t. He is getting his orders from somewhere. That somewhere being the so-called “scientific board of the presidency.” And boy, would I love to know what their global connections are. Because this insanity of hiding percentages is promulgated globally, is part of the new religion that purportedly “follows the science.” “We are guided by the science.” Isn’t that what they say? A science that is devoid of percentages! Of course it is. Had the high priests ever shown percentages who would have subscribed? It took those hockey stick charts going up and up and up, that recruited all the believers.

1000 indeed!

(Note: And no, I did not make a note of this because I am worried that cases are increasing or anything of the sort. What if they do? Apparently the flu bug infected 1 Billion people last year. And yes, that is a “B”, and not a typo. Don’t believe me? Here, go to the WHO website and see for yourself. So, spare me please… What I am worried about is that they are using all this hocus pocus for their own nefarious ends. Starting with this mask stuff which is a health hazard on its face, not to mention a severely effective indoctrination vehicle. Worried that they will reinstate lock-downs. Worried about… No not just worried, completely freaked out about what else is coming down the pike. And that humanity is still not waking up!)

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