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Who Benefits?

A few hours after I made that post yesterday, about half of which asks the question “who benefits” to which I myself cannot find the answer, I came across this video. This is not primarily about the virus. It is about the US economy. I have pasted the link from the time where he actually talks about the virus and what it might mean. But, to really get what he is saying one needs to listen from the start where he is talking about the US economy, which he says has been in terrible shape for a very long time due to some very bad decisions that go back decades, and that it had gotten to the actual point of free fall before the whole virus scare. And one also has to continue to the end in order to hear him talk about the Dollar as the Reserve Currency and how the US might be in the process of losing that. The whole video is about an hour long. The bit where he specifically talks about the virus is only a few minutes.

It may give an answer to the “who benefits” question. May also only be a partial answer.

And no, it is nothing like a huge global grand scheme, something deep and dark and hidden, a power grab, or a wealth grab.

The explanation given is laughably simple: Ineptitude, selfishness, pettiness, myopia, the fundamental human urge for covering one’s ass when one is caught with one’s pants down. Very banal. Very anti-climactic. Pitiful. Wretchedly so, in fact. And also very predictable when you consider the baseness, the depravity to which we human beings can sink when it suits our needs.

And if true – an unforgivable sin.


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