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Back to the fancy stuff

So, I have spent most of last month playing around with casual wear for avatars. Which is all very well and good up to a certain point, but after a while boredom does set in. I usually wait to stumble upon something to give me an idea, and this time it was a big series of vectorized vintage flowers that I saw on vecteezy, one of my favorite resource haunts. So far I have ended up with 4 skin based outfits that are based upon these drawings. As is often the case with floral elements they all have historic overtones, one nearer in time to present day than the other three – more Art Deco than medieval, so to speak. But, in the end, all of them belong to a different age.

I think I have finally gotten the hang of making things for mesh avatars. And especially mesh heads, which is quite tricky actually since there are so many different brands out there and with most of them the UV maps don’t exactly match. What one has to do therefore is have a whole range of demo mesh heads on which to test the skin until a common denominator that works for most of them is found. Hopefully I now have that. At least no complaints from the customers so far, which is all to the good.


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