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Dress-up Games

I have been in SL more of late. Finally managed to make the transition to the mesh body and the mesh head for Alpha. Wasn’t easy to do, I still miss the scurrilous little face that the classic avi used to have and that, for the life of me, I cannot seem to achieve with the mesh head. Far too perfect. Far too smooth.

So, the problem now is that Alpha doesn’t have any clothes to wear with the new mesh body. I have made quite a bit of new stuff for the store but for some reason I do not like to wear these extravagances myself. Which means that I have to sit down and make some “normal” clothes for Alpha. I also want to sell these however, so I have started a new line called “alpha.tribe comfort.” Since it is summer right now, I am mainly concentrating on summer stuff, will probably add winter things when it gets colder. Feels wrong somehow to be making sweaters and coats when it is warm in RL. (Although we are having a remarkably cool summer here, thank God.)

It is a lot of fun – much more than I expected actually, I started to make these out of necessity, as a bit of a chore – to be making normal, everyday things for a change. I have no idea if they will sell. alpha.tribe is not a shop that people seek out for everyday wear. So, we shall have to see about that. But given that they are for “me” primarily, and given that it is all about play anyway, I am sitting here happily sewing away…  


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