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Arcadia’s avatars…

As I wrote before I have used Arcadia Asylum’s prims for many builds. Fool’s Gold, the best sim I think I ever built was made almost entirely out of them, and this new one has quite a few as well. I am a big believer in remediation, in reworking and modifying things to make my own stuff. Not to make everything from scratch but to build upon the foundations that others have set for me. Which is actually called Produsage, and I have even written academic papers on it. That said, when it comes to Arcadia’s things everything I use gets completely retextured. Amazing builder that she was (probably still is somewhere away from SL) her textures leave quite a bit to be desired, I find.

I feel funny saying this even, given how much I like her stuff. Indeed depend on her stuff for my own things. But, if you look below you will probably agree with me.

I filled the grab-a-duck gallery with a lot of free avatars this time around. And almost all of them are retextured Arcadia Asylum products. I am so grateful to her that she made these. Not to even mention her generosity in just putting them out there for the likes of me to play with.

God bless Arcadia Asylum!


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