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Cutea Benelli’s Shoes

I have to admit that I have let my SL shopping lapse somewhat since things have gotten so busy with alpha.tribe. A state of affairs which needs to be remedied ASAP! What I was doing before, and should really continue to do so, was creating a collection of noteworthy SL design artifacts. Which is of course an endless undertaking, given how much of it there is out there… grim bros is no secret: Most female avatars who have been around the block once or twice (and quite a few men too, I would guess), have probably ended up there and have been as gobsmacked as myself at the amount of imagination, humor and diversity that Cutea manifests, in fact is literally bubbling over with. And no, I am not being impertinent or brazen by calling Miss Benelli by her first name only. She is in fact an SL friend, although admittedly we hardly ever exchange two words from one month to the next – both of us way too busy rezzing for much time to be left over for social chitter chatter. That is certainly what it is like on the alpha.tribe end and given the volume of output at grim bros (phenomenal would be an apt word? Staggering? Unbelievable?) I would assume that Cutea is even busier than we are.


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