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Going back to minimal?

While I was putting together images for the new ShapeShifter 2012 site I re-rezzed some of the stuff that was on that sim in order to photograph it  (yes, don’t ask – I was inexperienced and silly enough not to have made an OAR). And I remembered that I really liked what I had done back then.

I am not sure if this stuff was as popular with visitors as the more ‘storyworld’ type of stuff that I also do. I am fairly certain that when this stuff was rezzed at alpha.tribe there were not too many photos of it on Flickr, which is always a good indicator as to how much people like what you make.

Does that matter? Well yes, of course it does. I want others to come and enjoy my sims, tell their friends, come back to play some more.

But, I do want to make more minimal things. Because I really like them. Truth be told, I like them much better than the storyworlds. So, could there be a way to combine these two really different approaches?

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