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I have decided to build a playground

From the sky tower city, which I am leaving alone for now, I have moved to ground level to put together an amusement park of sorts. Ferris Wheel, carousel, bumper cars, some rides and a shooting gallery. Or rather a grab-a-duck gallery – no killing on my land – you just get to grab a duck and if you catch it the kiosk will give you a gift. So, I am back to “play” as a basal concept.

We also have magic lantern show, a gym, and a Chemical lab.

No gold – I am sticking to that. But, I can’t seem to stay away from precious metals entirely, so now we have silver, I’m afraid…

Am I liking it? Sort of. Is it as good as the sim before? Nope. But, it seems to be the best that I can do at this point.


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