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Midnight Wastes

I have gone back up to the towers that I had started to build a few weeks ago. But, like most of what I do, things did not go quite as planned and I ended up adding things that I had not thought of when I was first thinking about this level. There is a legendary builder in SL called Arcadia Asylum. She built many many different things, from avatars to whole cities. And she had this thing about giving it all away for free – to be used and redistributed as one saw fit. With one caveat – one could not charge any money for it.

One of the “cities” that she built had to do with pirates for which she made all these buildings, from shops to bars, to a whole courthouse, that have this nautical theme. So, her city has snuck its way among my weird towers. They are still there, as is the transparent city plan through which everything is reflected, and as are all the trees. But now the center stage are these hilarious pirate buildings.

I made this level quite dark by using a sky preset in the SL library. And since this preset is called “Midnight Wastes” now this new city is called that as well.


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