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Painting Syncretia

Naxos Loon gave me a landmark yesterday. I have yet to receive something from him which has not turned out to be some spectacular find or other (and particularly of the hilariously funny kind), so this evening I made my way over there. I am not a good SL traveler, in fact I am no traveler at all. But, when Naxos tells me to go someplace, I usually go. And am I glad I did so in this case! Isn’t this great? It has been created by pallina60 Loon, whose profile left me none the wiser since it is mostly, if not entirely, in Italian.

I love this! And Syncretia is in dire need of a lick of paint. Long overdue, in fact! The trail stays rezzed for a really long time by the way, so I was in no kind of rush to take these photos. Took my sweet time with camera angles and sky presets, in fact. That’s how long it was around for! The sky preset I used to take these is one of the ones by Mescaline Tammas. And needless to say, the ones I took without the custom preset are not nearly as nice.

Note: I will be writing a whole big post on Naxos sometime soon, have been meaning to do it for ages, almost a year now. And that one will be an academic post by the way. That is probably what is taking me so long to get going with it… 🙂


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