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The Miro Sphere

I had forgotten about this. It was a self contained environment inside a sphere filled with 3D objects that were inspired by Joan Miro’s critters. I made this 4 or 5 years ago and the objects were in fact mesh. Made in photoshop where I could be intuitive, by which I mean following what coincidences or even accidents give me. And back then they gave me these guyz. Could I reproduce them or make something similar today? Probably not.

I have made quite a few things in SL that were based on Miro’s paintings. 2 avatar outfits, the second of which actually carries some of these 3D critters. And I may make another one at some point.

I am not sure if liking Miro is still considered to be cool. Too many reproductions and posters of his paintings floating around and so his work is probably considered to be somewhat banal by art aficionados. But since I am thankfully not an art aficionado, what do I care? I have always thought he was great. And still do. 


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