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Too much gold…

When I built alpha.tribe in 2015 I even called the sim “fool’s gold” – there was so much of it.

But it isn’t just that one sim. I also went completely overboard when I built “from here on there be dragons” for Dividni Shostakovich a couple of years later.

Of course I have been around long enough as a designer to know to combine it with plenty of neutral colors so that it doesn’t get completely out of hand. But nevertheless, I cannot deny the obsession.

Also here, for example, when I built an annex to ShapeShifter island:

The thing is that it is getting somewhat boring. And although it is nice to be told that I use gold really well, I still do not want to be pegged down as “Alpha the gold builder.”

So, now that I have finally started to rebuild alpha.tribe island I am making a conscious, concerted effort to keep away from gold. And, believe it or not, it is proving to be quite difficult to stay away from the stuff. :-\


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